Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental Meditation is the most popular form of meditation. Transcendental Meditation, also known as TM, is a simple practice of breathing and posture to attain higher states of awareness, or a practice to induce altered states of consciousness. Although there are many different forms of meditation, they all share a single commonality. Meditation in broad terms is a state of relaxed concentration on some object of thought or awareness.

Some meditations focus solely upon the present moment. Their purpose is to experience the eternal now, the ‘one’ consciousness. Other types of meditations focus on the energy of the body, known as kundalini energy. This type of meditation is used to increase energy and vitality by allowing energy to freely flow through all of the energy chakras.

Meditation can also be described as the state that is experienced when the mind is clear of all thoughts. This state is often described as blissful, clear, and eternal. The most commmon aspect of this mental state is complete clarity and connection with the source. One feels as if they are no longer themselves, but rather a part of the whole experiencing themself. Many people who experience this state often report merging with the eternal consciousness, and losing touch with their ego.

Another way to describe transcendental meditation is a spiritual practice of contemplation and reflection of one’s self. This type of meditation may give someone insight into their life, providing a doorway to find answers to problems. It may also help the meditator find peace, and connect with their higher self.

Others use transcendental meditation to gain control of the mind. Ancient traditions describe the monkey mind which races from thought to thought, with no sense of discipline or control. Meditation in this case is used to tame and control the mind from skipping through random thoughts. Once the mind is controlled, the full use of one’s concentration can be realized. A single, focused thought can be used to manifest quick powerful change, but this type of intense concentration is only achieved after years of taming the monkey mind.

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