The Power Of Yoga

It is the 21st century and many people live in a fast paced world with high stress jobs and lives. It is for this reason that many suffer from ailments and even pain from their stress when they do not have an appropriate outlet. All people experience some stress in their lives. This is considered good stress, but when the stress becomes too much, negative effects can and will take place. It is for this reason that many health professionals encourage people to release their stress through yoga and meditation.

Woman practicing yoga at sunriseYoga is a form of exercising that has been around for thousands of years. Many different cultures practice the ancient art form to encourage a life free of stress and encourage a life full of relaxation and good health.

There are many forms of yoga, you will need to choose a form that is right for you and your needs. Although all yoga is different it all begins and ends with time for meditation.  Most yoga instructors believe in becoming one with your body through breathing and meditation. Yoga encourages mental health through stretching, exercising, and meditation. As you go through the stretches your instructor will encourage you to pay close attention to your breaths and how you are moving with each breathe. Once you have your breath and your body movements in sync they will then ask you to continue with the routine to encourage flexibility and strength.

iStock_000010190045XSmall(1)The stretching in yoga is often used to relieve the pain that might be felt from stress or stiffness. Once the stretching is done the instructor will begin to strengthen the body through a series of poses that are meant to strengthen the muscles. The idea of this is to encourage strength limiting the amount of pain that is felt on aging and sore muscles.

After the stretching and strengthening has concluded your instructor will encourage you to take some time for meditation. They will teach you to continue breathing and letting go of all your stress. For some this might seem like and impossible task, but it can be achieved with time, patience, and practice. When you first begin the practice of meditation it might take you some time to learn to become one with you and your breathing. To help with the meditation your yoga instructor will encourage you to take deep breaths and to let go of all tension in your body.

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