Self Meditation

Self Meditation is a meditation technique to help promote more self awareness so you can live to your fullest potential. Self Meditation can also help you gain more inner knowing of who you are, and where you are going. Gaining insight into your self, is the first step towards discovering your unlimited potential.

How To Do Self Meditation

To begin self meditation, start with the regular transcendental meditation technique, calming your mind and body through deep breathing. As you enter a deep state of meditation, begin to see yourself as you are right now. Gently ask yourself these questions; Who am I? Where am I going? Am I living to my fullest potential? Take your time, answering each question honestly with full acceptance.

self meditationOnce you have answered those questions to your satisfaction, imagine you see a duplicate of yourself, standing in front of you. This duplicate self is yourself living at your highest potential, in all areas of your life. Ask your duplicate self what you can do to live to your fullest potential. What qualities does this full potential self have, that differ from you? Ask your higher self for a message of guidance in life. Ask how you are doing so far, are you on the right track?

When To Perform Self Meditation

You’ll find that by asking questions to your higher self, you’ll receive inspiring answers that will guide and help you along the way. You should perform self meditation any time you feel you need guidance, or inspiration. Your higher self can help you through hard times on the journey of life. With more self awareness, you can make better decisions, leading to a fuller and more prosperous life, ultimately living to your full potential.

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