Top 15 Meditation Techniques For Beginners And Advanced Meditators

There are several meditation techniques that one can do in order to alleviate the difficulties we experience in life.

Meditation is a discipline that can allow an individual to discover a deeper state of relaxation that eliminates stress that we experience every day. Through this practice, one cultivates optimism delivering a sense of peace into the whole well-being.

Let us understand these meditation techniques and try to find which of these practices would best suit you.

Advanced Meditation Techniques

1. Chakra Meditation Techniques

Your body has seven energy points also known as ‘Chakra’s which can be located on points where your vital organs are. Like the colors of the rainbow, each chakra signifies a color. The ‘Root’ chakra, which implies the red color, is positioned at the base of the spinal column. The ‘Naval’ chakra, orange, is positioned below the abdomen.

The ‘Solar plexus’, yellow, is located on the stomach. The ‘Heart’ chakra, green, is situated at the midpoint of your torso. The ‘Throat’ chakra, blue, is around the throat area. The ‘Brow’ chakra, indigo, is positioned between the eyebrows for which we believed to be where the third eye is located. The last would be the ‘Crown’ chakra, violet, which is situated on the crown of the head.

With the energy harmoniously flowing through these chakra points, one can overcome stress and prevent illness from entering the body. Therefore, it is essential to keep their balance in order to live a harmonious life. Chakra breathing meditation techniques are one of many meditation techniques that bring these kinds of benefits.

2. Japa Meditation Techniques

Japa meditation is unique from other meditation techniques because it involves chanting a name of God repetitively “Hare Krishna Maha”. This repetitive chant is called mantra. Mantra can be vocalized gently or loudly to penetrate into one’s mind and soul. While sitting in a meditative position, one holds a Japa Mala (also known as Japa Beads) and repeatedly chants as he/she goes through each and every bead.

As the practitioner reached the high level of Japa meditation techniques needed to nurture self-contemplation and as well as being close to the creator, he/she will be able to reach ajapajapam. Ajapajapam is where the mind repeats the mantra whenever and wherever the practitioner wishes so.

The discipline is practice in Hindu, Muslim, Chinese, and other countries to calm the mind. In our world today, we are always in constant demand and stress will always be around. Japa meditation techniques assists our minds to escape from the busy world removing tension and stress from one’s body. Japa meditation techniques can deliver happiness from within and refreshes both mind and soul.

3. Vipassana Meditation Techniques

This meditation is often referred to ‘sensory’ or ‘thought’ meditation. A person who practices Vipassana meditation is called Vipassi. Through this meditation, it’ll transport one’s mind into a state that is detached but observant of the thoughts that arise.

In our daily lives, there will always be thoughts that we burry deep inside. It may be a variation of things we hesitate to reminisce because it may be painful such as relationships, stress, responsibilities, and other factors in life that we have to deal with.

It would reside to our unconscious mind and eventually act it out. Through Vipassana meditation techniques, one may be able to look into these thoughts and acknowledge them. Only then that it can be released and for one to be free of any worries.

Vipassana meditation is considered as one of the purest forms of meditation. It allows one to achieve self-realization and introspection which will then lead to self-transformation.

4. Healing Meditation Techniques

We are all victims of fear, stress, anxiety, and anger. With these factors happening in our daily lives, we will be unable to experience the happiness this life has to offer. It also stops us from being creative and places us back on the darker place of the world. Your mind becomes an enemy of your heart and vice versa.

Healing meditation techniques will unite the heart and mind. In performing a healing meditation, it will balance your mind, body, heart, and soul which will result to a holistic well-being. There are many ways to free oneself from the captivity of these factors.

Visual and audio assistance can be effective when one wishes to release the negativity out of one’s mind and soul. When this is achieved, an individual is helping his/her body to heal and battle out illnesses and pessimism. Healing meditation techniques have had many dramatic health benefits for many people.

Intermediate Meditation Techniques

meditation techniques5. Self Meditation Techniques

Self-meditation techniques are the basic of all meditations. Often times we are in constant argue with ourselves. However, when one self-meditates, he will observe himself in a way that he never observed himself before. It is about getting centered and focused of oneself. It is about being one with ourselves for which we have failed to do many times.

Deep breathing is crucial in self meditation. It gives an individual the fullness of his lungs and the presence in his body which will result to a heightened level of spiritual mindfulness. Through proper self-meditation, one can reduce stress, prevent the risk of heart diseases, and overcome body pains. There are many benefits that self meditation techniques can do for mind and body.

6. Mantra Meditation Techniques

For many people, mantra meditation techniques are done by sitting, closing the eyes, and repeatedly chants some words or prayers. As a matter of fact, there is more to mantra meditation that just that. A mantra is a blending of poem and a magical incantation that is weave together with the right harmony that can deliver physical, mental, and spiritual healing. With the vibrating sounds coming from the throat through the invocation of the mantra, it strengthens the fifth chakra and the other chakra points along with it. This will result to a healthier well-being and peace from within.

Mantra can be vocalized softly or loud depending on how the practitioner feels comfortable doing. A personal mantra is similar to a ‘customized chant’ that is created by a guru to fulfill one’s needs. However, there are many books and other writings that one can derive their own mantra from.

7. Mindfulness Meditation Techniques

The mind is placed on top of our body because it is a powerful organ that helps us decide for our lives. Since ancient times, mindfulness meditation techniques are practices to culture the awareness from within. It is one of the most effective ways of understanding the spirit, which is the true you, is the perpetually present witnessing awareness.

Mindfulness is never difficult. Being mindful when eating, when drinking, when sitting, when talking, and with everything that you do. It is also being mindful of your emotions and your physicality.

It is putting your head on top of your body and eventually balances them together. Because the ability to witness and observe yourself without judging yourself is the highest level you can achieve through a continuous practice. Essentially, the mindfulness meditation techniques are about becoming more aware of yourself and your behaviors.

8. Manifestation Meditation Techniques

There are many things in life that we would like to achieve. This is exactly why we keep ourselves busy with work, relationships, and other money-making activities. However, one may find it difficult to focus on what you truly desire. Through manifesting meditation techniques, you will learn how to focus your attention as to which your subconscious mind longing to achieve.

One of the most dominant routes to your subconscious mind is your imagination. With the aid of audio and visual manifestations, you work with yourself into reaching a harmonious flow of both mind and spirit.

You can also manifest what you desire through meditation where your attention focuses on nothing but yourself alone. Focusing on what you really want to achieve and it’ll endowed your mind with optimism. While other meditation techniques are good for relaxing, manifestation meditation techniques work best for communicating your desires to the universe and attracting them into your life.

9. New Age Meditation Techniques

Since most of the meditation techniques are derived from ancient times, many aspects of our lives today can’t be gratified by some of those anymore. This gave birth to new age meditation techniques which is a combination of eastern and western ideologies as well as utilizing tools that are available in our modern world today.

There are many branches of meditation that falls under new age meditation techniques. Yoga and Buddhism are some of the examples of these adaptations. Many practitioners use modern equipment such as audio and visual representations to help one meditate.

New age meditation is the link between self-reflection and self-awareness that could make your life free of stress and helps you became more effective in living your daily life.

10. Buddhist Meditation Techniques

Buddhists believed that through meditation, tranquility in walking through the path towards Enlightenment and Nirvana can be achieved. It is understood that self-realization from meditation can deliver deep concern and consideration for the sorrow of other people. This is for the reason that without enlightening others, there would no self-enlightenment.

Concentrative and panoramic are the two components of Buddhist meditation techniques. For concentrative, this is where one focuses his mind to what he truly desires. Panoramic is the transcendence of concentrative. This is the creativity of the meditative mind to put everything in an orderly manner to achieve one’s purpose in life. In understanding ourselves through the others transports us to the true effects of self-realization.

11. Insight Meditation Techniques

This form of meditation is different from most meditative practices since the practitioner doesn’t tend to focus on one single subject. By allowing your thoughts to come through your mind, you will listen to each and every one of them.

You acknowledge these thoughts without being judgmental about it. Through this, you will be able to see an outline forming which may lead you to discover the answer that lies within many questions.

Many people were able to find answers to questions through insight meditation. At NASA, one scientist was able to formulate the processes as to how to build space centers on another planet without having humans to do it for them. Space robots were born. This is a result of insight meditation according to that scientist.

Insight meditation techniques can be done anywhere you feel comfortable with. However, it is recommended that you select a quieter place to be able to listen to your thoughts and find the answers.

12. Kundalini Meditation Techniques

This type of meditation originated in India and has existed for over 5000 years. Kundalini meditation techniques involves concentration on the various chakras in the psychic body. Many have told that awakening the Kundalini can be dangerous since you are summoning the powers from Shiva the God.

However, there is no danger at all when one decides to awaken the Kundalini. As a matter of fact, that would mean opening up various doors of your consciousness and will take you to a heightened level of divinity through your existence.

By opening your heart and mind to a whole new level of cosmic awareness, you will realize that true happiness is not through material things at all. It is a freedom from worldly bounds that one can achieve.

Meditation Techniques For Beginners

13. Deep Breathing Meditation Techniques

As doctors recommends, doing breathing from time to time is good for your body’s relaxation. Since it encourage blood circulation to flow harmoniously throughout your body. It relieves one from stress and irritation.

This is why you tend to breathe deeply whenever you get upset or angry. However, not only because you are upset and angry, that you will do deep breathing meditation techniques. Although it is a fact that it can calm you down, there are more benefits in doing such.

Since most of us lives in the city or probably constrained to work inside a building, are breathing is so shallow that we almost neglect the importance of breathing properly. It means that our lungs are working under time and may become rigid as we grow old. As a result, we often experience illnesses and other consequences of stress.

This deep meditation helps you to combat these all through breathing alone. Air is very important to humankind and must be neglected. It should properly run inside our body for us to be more effective in what we do. Therefore, it is crucial to perform deep breathing meditation techniques even at least 10 minutes a day.

14. Walking Meditation Techniques

You might have seen monks who spend time meditating inside the temples and walking continuously right after. There is a significant meaning behind this. More often than not, meditation is always associated with sitting postures and requires a quieter environment to meditate.

Therefore, it requires the practitioner to spend time in doing traditional meditation. In walking meditation, as it names suggests, one can practice meditation while walking. Here you focus on your insights and you note the components of each step. Rather than over concentrating through sitting meditation, you are now giving attention to movements while letting inner insights flow.

For every step, you are reaching a destination and then you move on to the next. Every time we reach a destination, it gives happiness and contentment in life. Walking meditation techniques are a good way to relieve stress brought by living in this busy world.

15. Transcendental Meditation Techniques

In transcendental meditation, you don’t have to sit on the ground while doing a sitting posture and begin meditating. It is more of a natural and effortless process that settles your mind just by sitting comfortably.

Closing your eyes will allow you to find clarity from within with no distraction from the outside world. As your body enter the deep state of relaxation, your mind transcends all brain activity to experience transcendental consciousness.

By removing the unnecessary thoughts in the mind, it’ll allow an individual to become more creative, dynamic, and energetic. Transcendental meditation is done twice a day for about 15-20 minutes time frame. This is enough to make you feel happier with what you do in life.

Which Of These Meditation Techniques Is Best For You?

Meditation is a practice that can benefit anyone. It is a powerful technique for relieving stress and understanding yourself on a deeper level. It is also a way of giving time to yourself since you have been too busy with the world. If you are a beginner, you can still meditate. You may choose 2-3 of these meditation techniques to practice, and little by little, you will be on your way to a better you.


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