Meditation: Staying Focused

First of all, I want to thank whoever asked this question for being so open for answers. I’ll do my best to provide a quality solution.

Question: I am a Buddhist, and meditation is at the core of my practice. However, I have problems quieting my monkey mind as of late, and need to maybe introduce another method to help me refocus. Perhaps I am getting a bit too relaxed in my meditation. I am letting my mind wander. This is fine. I simply let the thoughts go as quickly as they come, but, way too many thoughts come back. Very frustrated at this. I suppose I just need advice on which type of meditation would be best to move on to. Thank you for any help you might send my way.

Answer: Based on what you’ve said, I would suggest (this is only my opinion) that you practice a form of mantra meditation to regain focus over your thoughts and mind. Mantras are primarily used as spiritual conduits, words or vibrations that instill one-pointed concentration in the devotee. I practice mantra meditation when I intend to bring my thoughts to a single point of focus.

Here are several quality mantra’s to meditate on:

“May our intentions equally permeate every being and place with the true merit of Buddha’s way”

“I am a manifestation of divine consciousness in human form”

“I wish peace and abundance for all living creatures on planet Earth”

“I choose to clear my mind and focus on this mantra”

I hope that helped! Today I will be meditating to one of these mantra’s, will you?