Meditation, Hypnosis, & Subliminals

I received two interesting questions today, so I wanted to answer them right away on the blog. Here they are.

Question 1: Is meditation hypnosis?

Answer: Guided meditation and hypnosis are very similar. Both methods use a voice to guide one in a calm receptive state. Although both meditation and hypnosis bring the mind to a quiet, suggestible state, the purpose for doing so is different for each method. However regular meditation (with no voice) is not hypnosis.

Hypnosis is about changing subconscious belief patterns through suggestion, while meditation’s purpose is to calm the mind to improve focus, reduce stress, and improve one’s overall well being.

Question 2: Do you use subliminal messaging?

Answer: No. Our meditation tracks contain only two things. Relaxing music/sounds, and binaural beats. The  music is used to sooth and relax, while the binaural beats sync the brainwaves and allow the mind to enter a deep meditative state.