Meditation For Beginner

Meditation for Beginner is a simple meditation technique that anyone can quickly learn to experience the relaxing effects meditation. Meditation for beginner is perfect for anyone who has never meditated before, as the track will help your breathing stay to a regular rhythm. They say that in meditation, the breath controls the mind. Controlling your breath will help you tame the mind, and focus it into a concentrated point.

How to do Meditation For Beginner

To do meditation for beginner, first read over the transcendental meditation technique. Once you feel comfortable with the basics transcendental meditation, you may proceed with this meditation. As you listen to the meditation for beginner track, you’ll hear wind, with a thunder storm in the background. The thunder claps are on regular intervals of 10 seconds. This regular thunder claps are to help you maintain steady rhythmic breathing during your meditation.

Listen to the track, and begin regular transcendental meditation. Begin inhaling on the first thunder clap. Inhale slowly through your nose, filling the bottom of your lungs, then the top. If you fill your lungs early, slow down your breathing just a little. You want to breath deeply, while maintaing as relaxed as possible.

After you complete your inhale, wait for the second thunderclap and begin exhaling out of your mouth, pushing all the the air out of your lungs with your adomen muscles. Exhale all of the air out of your mouth, and wait for the next thunderclap to begin inhaling again.

Keep your breathing with the rhythym of the thunder in order to maintain control of the mind during meditation. Remember, inhale with the first thunder clap, then exhale with the second, and so on. You may also be interested in our Healing Meditation music.

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