Mantra Meditation – What It Is And How To Do It

What is Mantra Meditation?

Mantra meditation is a form of meditation technique that uses sounds, syllables, words or phrases to attract positive energies. It is an ancient practice commonly seen in Tibet and India. Mantra meditation is a method in which you can acquire power and use it to achieve inner peace.

Mantra basically refers to sound. It is the sound vibrating around us – the flowing water, rustling sound of leaves and blowing wind. As human being, it is believed that each of us has an indestructible, self-born ability to produce such sounds.

Even experts nowadays are starting to recognize this belief – that there really is a vibration that reverberates continuously throughout the universe.

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How Is Mantra Meditation Performed?

Mantra meditation has 2 parts: the mantra and the meditation itself. Mantra refers to God’s consciousness while meditation is a way of honoring God. In performing mantra meditation, you have to take sufficient rest and sleep.It is important that you are rested. Do not sleep too much or too little. Keep in mind that sleep must be become a meditation. Mantra meditation works by inducing total relaxation of the body and the mind – the state of forgetting one’s ego. Also, as you perform your mantra meditation, you have to direct yourself towards the source of all your energy, ideas, thoughts and words. Doing so will allow you to use all the things at your disposal for the sake of betterment.

Common Mantras Used in Performing Mantra Meditation

Mantra MeditationThe most common words used in mantra meditation are derived from Hindu and Buddhist Sansksrit scriptures.

§  Ohm. Symbolizing immortality, “ohm” is the most commonly used mantra that helps focus the mind. Also known as AUM, it is the root of all mantra, thus making it the most significant and the most important in the tradition. It is believed that Ohm is the humming sound of the pulsating and vibrating cosmic energy enveloping the universe during its primitive form.

Unlike other mantras, Ohm is just a sound, not a word. And according to the ancient Hindu tradition, it is the sound of supreme consciousness – the purest name of God. Therefore, whenever you use Ohm in your  mantra meditation chants, you are taking the name of God.

§  Ah. This sound is often used in Japa meditation. It is the sound usually heard in God, Amen and the likes. The “ah” mantra is considered as one of the most powerful sound on earth because of its oneness and universality with life.

§  Ram. This pertains to a name of God, repeatedly recited during mantra meditation to call upon virtue, truth and God consciousness.

§  Om Mani Padme Hum. In mantra meditation, this phrase is repeated over and over as a way to find the truth. A similar phrase is Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, which is found in Japanese Buddhism.

Om Mani Padme Hum means “the jewel is in the lotus” or “praise to the jewel in the lotus”. As you perform mantra meditation, you should contemplate on the meaning of the chants and not just reciting them.

The first syllable “Ohm” is composed of 3 pure letters namely, A, U and M which symbolizes one’s imperfections in their mind, body and speech. Moreover, the letters also pertains to the honored mind, body and speech of Buddha.

On the other hand, the next 4 syllables refer to the path. MANI means jewels – the person’s unselfish motive to become enlightened, love and compassion. Just as the jewels can remove poverty, the unselfish, enlightened mind can remove poverty as well.

PADME, which means lotus, pertains to wisdom. Like the lotus that grows in the mud yet do not acquire the flaws of the mud, so then can wisdom. You can be in a situation of conflicting matters but with wisdom, you’ll be able to maintain yourself.

The HUM In Mantra Meditation

In mantra meditation, HUM symbolizes indivisibility. The ancient sutra system states that the indivisibility of wisdom and method refers to a person’s consciousness, in which there is a full form of both method affected by wisdom and wisdom affected by method.

Thus, the phrase “Mani Padme Hum” means that “in dependence on the practice which is in indivisible of method and wisdom, you can transform your impure mind, body and speech into its pure forms.

§  Hare Krishna, Hare Ramah. Commonly found among Hindu sect of Hare Krishna, mantra meditation use this mantra not only to honor the God himself but to spread God consciousness among the mass.

Rama is the incarnated Vishnu in the Treta yug, an ancient Indian epic. Krishna, on the other hand is the incarnated Vishnu in the Dwaper yug. And because both of the words are derived from a god, both Rama and Krishna have become the most effective and powerful mantra in mantra meditation.