Manifesting Meditation

Manifesting Meditation is a meditation technique to begin the manifestation process of a goal, object, or outcome. By clearing the mind, and focusing completely on the object being manifested, one starts the manifestation process.

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How to do Manifesting Meditation

manifesting meditationIn order to do manifesting meditation, the meditator should be comfortable with regular transcendental meditation. If you are not, read more about how to meditate first.Begin the transcendental meditation technique, breathing deeply and slowly, relaxing your entire body.

Once you are in a deep state of transcendental meditation, begin shifting your awareness onto the objective you wish to manifest, may this be more money, better health, or a deeper spiritual connection and understanding. Slowly construct an image of this objective in your mind’s eye. Begin building the basic structure. As you deepen your meditation, add more detail to this objective. Hold the image as you wish it to be in your mind’s eye.

More Manifesting Meditation Tips

Once you have fully constructed the image of what you wish to manifest in your mind’s eye, hold that image with relaxed awareness for a few minutes or so. When the image is fully constructed and held in your mind, ask that the image manifest itself into physical reality. Imagine the image you have constructed, is so great in detail and clarity, that you can pick it up and bring it with you. What you have created in your mind is now ready to manifest itself into the physical world.

Completing Manifesting Meditation

As you exit your meditation, bring the image of your manifestation back into the physical world. Exiting the meditation with a feeling of completion and satisfaction, while showing immense gratitude for what has been manifested, is the correct way to do manifesting meditation.

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