Japa Meditation: Basic Information Every Beginner Should Know

This article aims to provide you information about what is Japa Meditation, how it can benefit you and provide you a step-by-step guide on how to practice it in your daily life. If you are looking for an effective way to attain good health, a peaceful and calm mind, happiness and prosperity you have landed the right page and please continue reading.

What Is Japa Meditation?

Japa MeditationJapa Meditation is the constant and repetitive process of mind training that involves the emptying of the human mind of thoughts to be able to reach the highest state of consciousness. It is done by focusing the human mind in a thought, a thing and mantra and closing the mind from all kinds of distractions.

Japa Meditation Benefits

The word Japa was taken from the Sanskrit root word, “jap” which means to utter repeatedly either internally or in a low voice. Japa Meditation is a spiritual discipline that involves the repeating of a mantra either mentally or verbally to produce a certain reaction within an individual. Mantras can be a short prayer and words of affirmation.  It can also be just a word that has significance to you like for example the word “ahh” (it is a sound that is present in holy names such as Buddha, Allah, Krishna and God).

Japa Meditation practice promotes healing, aids spiritual growth and balances emotional, mental and physical state to bring peace, happiness and prosperity in life. It is because meditation allows people to reprogram thoughts and develop new habits.

Japa Meditation is scientifically proven to be effective as an alternative form of therapeutic medicine because it can help lower blood pressure, reverse heart ailments when used in conjunction with the Ornish diet, it cures infertility, alleviates asthma, good for pain management and  treating depression. It is can also treat drug and alcohol addiction. Those who are into fitness also use Japa Meditation to curtail food appetite and to cultivate new habits such as eating healthy and exercising religiously. It is also used to manage stress.

How To Do Japa Meditation

Japa Meditation is a popular meditation technique especially to beginners because it is easy. Before starting, you have to find a quiet and comfortable place, choose a mantra, get a mat to sit on and procure a mala. A mala is a chain of 109 beads. It has 108 small beads and one bigger bead which is called the Meru. To start, sit on the mat in any preferred meditation position or any comfortable sitting position and say a prayer first. Next, chant your mantra repeatedly while your fingers are counting the mala beads.

The correct way to hold the mala is to put it between your hands and to make sure that it will not reach below your navel. Use your third finger and thumb to count the beads and avoid using your index finger. When you reach the Meru, count the beads backwards if you wish to repeat the chant 108 times more. Once you are done, allot at least 10 minutes to reflect and keep your mala in a clean cloth.

Japa Meditation is food to your soul, because when you try it and experience great improvement in your overall health, quality of life and the world around you.