Is there any risk in meditation?

I’ve been receiving so many interesting questions from many people regarding meditation, and I’m glad to be given the opportunity to answer them. Today’s questions are fairly simple to answer so we’ll go through them one at a time.

Question: When can I start?

Answer: You can start meditating immediately. Many people assume you need years of special training sitting alone in a cave chanting a secret mantra to learn the art of meditation. This is far from the truth. You can start today and begin to experience the incredible benefits of meditation.

Question: Is there any risks involved?

Answer: No. There are no risks involved in meditation – only positive benefits. As long as you meditate in a quiet place, free from distraction you will be fine. Do not EVER try to meditate while driving, running, operating any type of machinery, or doing any kind of physical task that requires your undivided attention. I think the above is fairly obvious but I figure I’d mention it just to be humorous… 😉

I hope this helps answer your question. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think!