Insight Meditation

Insight Meditation is a simple meditation technique to help one notice and become more aware of their mental states, emotions, and attitudes. By practicing Insight meditation, one finds it easier to see clearly into the nature of their mind. Over time, the individual will become more aware of them self, allowing insight into their mind set: a combination of their attitudes, behaviors, and expectations.

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By definition, Insight Meditation is a mental practice that helps develop peace and calm through continuous focus and insight through the practice of self reflection. The two steps to attaining insight are (1) sustaining your attention; (2) self reflection.
How to do Insight Meditation

In order to develop sustained attention, the practice of focusing one’s awareness on the body is used. By focusing attention on the body, one becomes more aware of the self. Start this meditation by doing the regular transcendental meditation technique of breathing. As you meditate, focus your attention on your body. Feel every limb and send warm relaxation to each part. Allow your body to completely relax while maintaining a relaxed focus awareness on your body. Practice keeping a sustained attention on your body. Once you are able to maintain a steady concentration on your body during meditation,the next thing to do is practice self reflection.

Self reflection will help you gain more awareness over your thoughts, behaviors, and habits, so you can change them to better suite your needs. After you master sustained attention on the body, the next thing to do whileyou are meditating is practice self reflection. Focus your attention on any thoughts, urges, or emotions that arise during deep meditation, without interrupting or analyzing them. Allow thoughts to arise, then let them go, paying attention to what they were and what they possibly mean. After you exit meditation, it is time to reflect on these thoughts. This is a period of self reflection and analyzing your thoughts and behaviors to better understand the nature of your own mind.