How To Stay Awake During Meditation

A great question I received was about how to stay awake during meditation.

When I first began meditating I did fall asleep several times. It wasn’t until I discovered the real secret and purpose behind meditation and that I began to become more aware and experience wonderful benefits.

Question: How do you keep from falling asleep during meditation?

Answer: What I discovered is that when you focus single minded on the rhythm and depth of your breath, meditation becomes a more conscious and involved practice and staying awake becomes not only easier, but more natural and pleasant.

Start by practicing the conscious control over your breath. Your breath is your life force energy. So the more you focus on controlling your breathing, the greater control you will exert over your mind and body, and staying awake will become much easier. Practice breathing deeply and listen to yourself inhale and exhale to a steady relaxing rhythm.

Personally practice keeping my breathing rhythym steady by counting my heartbeats as I breath. I breath in very deep and slow for 6 heartbeats, then hold for 2, then exhale for another 6 heartbeats, then hold for two. This helps me maintain a steady breathing rhytyhm which keeps me aware and focused.

As you continue to practice your breathing, it will eventually become naturally deep and steady. So start practicing conscious control over your breath and you’ll be able to stay awake and become more aware much easier.

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Hope this helps. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

2 thoughts on “How To Stay Awake During Meditation

  1. aliquigs

    I find that after a bit of practice, meditation can be done while sitting comfortably (not in any particular position) instead of lying down will prevent you from dosing off.

  2. Admin Post author

    Yup. There’s no need to sit crossed legged or in lotus, just sitting normally with good posture will keep you focused and awake.

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