Top 8 Healing Meditation Techniques And Exercises

Healing meditation is a special kind of healing that connects the body in many various ways. It is a personal journey that uses creative visualization to balance the body, soul and mind thus improving one’s general well-being. When these 3 elements work together, the result is awareness and balance thought – a state wherein healing can take place in multiple levels.

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Healing Meditation In Pain Management

Healing MeditationThis method has been in practice for centuries and is commonly used to alleviate chronic pain – a type of illness wherein a patient suffers from pain for a long period of time. Even doctors and other health practitioners nowadays acknowledge the benefits of healing meditation and how it can help their patients.

One of the factors that influence our tolerance to pain is anxiety. An anxious person is more vulnerable to pain than to someone who is calmer. Healing meditation helps reduce anxiety that increases one’s ability to cope up with pain and sometimes cure it completely.

Different Healing Meditation Methods

The type of healing meditation depends on what you want to heal in your body. You can choose a healing meditation technique that can help you get rid of negative vibes, heal physical ailments, improve the overall health, or even gather healing energy to heal someone else:

§  Sound Meditation. This healing meditation technique is commonly used by shamans and Buddhist monks. It uses mantra or sound to create healing energy vibrations that would trigger the cells in the body to regenerate and rejuvenate. Moreover, sound meditation to healing is also considered as a pathway to personal development, as well as spiritual awakening.

The most common sound used in this kind of healing meditation is AH, the sound of creation. This can be found in the words of Ohm and Amen. Creating the sound ourselves rather than hearing it produces self awareness that penetrates deep in our spiritual selves.

§  Diseased Cells Meditation. As the name suggest, this form of healing meditation is used to help reconstruct the cells in our body. During meditation, not only you are taken to a deeper part of yourself but at the same time, you are creating energy to heal yourself. Through practice, you can have the ability to assess yourself and know when your body does not feel right.

§  Organ Cleansing Meditation. Your vital organs like kidney, lungs, heart and liver are often attack with negative elements that can cause injury and illnesses. With this type of healing meditation, the healing focuses on these major internal organs. As you perform this technique, you may remove the unnecessary energy in your body, function normally with a sense of clarity and move through spiritual realms easily. Not only you are focusing on each of the organs but you also strengthen them as you focus your energy to them.

Healing Meditation Exercises

Regardless whether you formally meditate or not, here are some simple healing meditation exercises that you can try.

§  Simple Visualizations. The purpose of visualization is to relieve stress and this can be achieved by having a more peaceful mind. This exercise also allows you to realize your dreams and determine your desires while shrinking your problems. Examples of simple visualizations are:

o   Shrinking Box Visualization. This is probably the simplest yet an effective way to overcome stress and problems. Using your imagination, picture an open box and in that box, you are putting all the things that troubles you. Close it and seal it with a duct tape. Now, imagine the box gradually shrinking in size and as you do it, you have to put your obstacles into perspective. Continue imagining the shrinking box until it is completely gone. Repeat this exercise daily until you realize that problems are as big as you imagine them.

o   Key to Unlocking Your Dreams. This method is commonly practiced by individuals who do not have anything specific to focus in to. In this exercise, imagine a key and a lock. The lock represents the place where your dreams are hidden while the key is the tool to unlock your dreams.

In this technique, imagine that you are holding the key, preparing to open the lock. Imagine inserting they key into the keyhole then turning it. That’s it. Doing this routinely can make you an expert in the art of visualization.

§  Kirtan Kriva. It is a healing meditation exercise that involves finger poses (mudras) and chanting. This simple exercise can help you lower your stress levels, increase blood circulation in the brain and promoting focus while stimulating the connections of your body, mind and spirit.

§  Park Bench Meditation is an interesting healing meditation exercise to overcome stress and pull back your energy while at the same time, allowing everything else to revolve around you – by just sitting quietly in the park bench for 30 minutes. Doing this healing meditation not only reduces your stress levels but also increases your awareness skills.