Free Meditation Music MP3 Downloads

Here is a list of our free meditation music downloads and descriptions of every meditation technique on our site. Each meditation technique comes with a free meditation music track to download for personal use only.

8 Minute Meditation is a quick meditation, used to clear your mind in only 8 minutes. The meditation audio track is 8 minutes as well.

Deep Meditation Music is a meditation audio track specifically designed to reach deep mental states during meditation.

Healing Meditation is a meditation to help promote physical healing of the body, or spiritual/emotional healing.

Insight Meditation will help you gain insight into a problem or aspect into your life.

Manifesting Meditation is a meditation with creative visualization to help manifest something important into your life.

Mantra Meditation is used to increase focus and influence the subconscious mind by use of a mantra. The mantra, or phrase, is repeated throughout the duration of the meditation at regular intervals.

Meditation for Beginner is a great way to begin with meditation. This meditation is very simple for anyone to learn.

Mindfulness Meditation is a meditation used to gain awareness of the mind and mental process, such as thought patterns and behaviors.

New Age Meditation Music is a great meditation audio track with ambience and other soothing sounds. The meditation technique coupled with this is similar to transcendental meditation.

Self Meditation helps one gain knowledge and wisdom into their self. It also promotes more self awareness.

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  1. Heather

    I found this specific blog , “Free Meditation Music Downloads | Free Meditation Music”, very
    pleasurable plus it ended up being a good read.

  2. Sal

    I have hard time with meditation because it is simply impossible to clear my mind. However, your tips and techniques made me realize that I am not the only one with such problem. I just have to keep trying, because it is very rewarding once I succeed. Life long reward.

    Thank you.

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