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Zafu Meditation Cushion: The Best Way to Meditate

Since we were young, our parents and even teachers would advocate proper posture, and that is exactly what the Zafu Meditation Cushion does. Good body posture is important in our daily life. Not just it helps you look good but more because it makes you feel better and also promotes good health. In fact, poor posture can lead to some medical conditions that you certainly would not want to experience.

Good posture is essential in almost anything you do. Actually, having an improper or bad posture during certain activities and exercise can pose you into some serious health implications. In fact, this simple thing can lead to injuries. This also goes with meditation. To get the best benefits, you need to assume the proper posture during meditation.

If you do not follow the recommended posture while meditating, you are burdening yourself with a considerable amount of distraction. The disadvantages of bad posture become apparent as you go through the meditation for longer durations.

Proper Posture for Peace of Mind With The Zafu Meditation Cushion

Zafu Meditation CushionOnce you assume the lotus position of meditation, you likewise need to ensure proper posture. But without proper equipment, attaining proper posture can be challenging and slipping out of posture is very much common. By using Zafu meditation cushion, you will achieve the best posture.

Zafu Meditation Cushion Details

These Zafu meditation cushions are pleated and round thus they are able to conform to the body contours while seated. What’s great about Zafu meditation cushion is that it is able to lift your hips as well as the upper body. This body posture allows your legs to achieve a comfortable resting position.

It is important that you assume a perfect your position while meditating because it facilitates the comfort. As an alternative, you can go for the Zabuton meditation cushion which has the traditional features of meditation cushions. Both Zabuton and Zafu meditation cushions help your thighs achieve downward sloping which is essential when you are in the lotus position. When you are seated at the Zafu meditation cushion, your hips roll forward in a comfortable position.

This will certainly make your spine achieve its natural S-shape which is definitely comfortable. For taller people or those with longer legs, they might need to use additional rectangular cushion to complement the Zafu meditation cushion. This allows your legs to rest in comfort as you are meditating.

Zafu Meditation Cushion Summary

Aside from achieving proper posture, you will be more comfortable as compared to the cold and hard surface of the floor. Meditation cushions are not too expensive but rather they are available at affordable prices and are indeed worth your penny. Why not give the Zafu Meditation Cushion a try?