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Don’t let anxiety and panic attacks rule your world!



We are the product of every generation that has come before us.  Our features, mannerisms, even the way our brains are wired, is deeply embedded in our genetic code.  The medical community had know for some time, that psychological manifestations tend to run in families.  The chances of developing depression increases dramatically if you have a parent, or sibling suffering from this illness.  Anxiety attacks, also know as panic attacks tend to go hand-in-hand with depression.


Anxiety is the body’s way of dealing with a dangerous situation.  Fight or flight is what the body is gearing up to do, endorphins start flowing, heart rate quickens, body temperature rises.  In moderation anxiety can keep you focused and alert, forcing you into action.  This becomes a disorder when our brain perceives a threat or fear that most people wouldn’t feel threatened by.  When you have an anxiety attack, well meaning people will tell you things like “it’s nothing to worry about” or “get over it”.  They aren’t trying to be rude or mean, but they have no idea what you are internally going through and think they are being helpful.

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The physical symptoms are numerous and  vary from person to person.  Heart pounding, sweating, shortness of breath, muscle aches, diarrhea and many more.  You are not alone and there is help.  Meditation, breathing exercises, and acupressure are a great way to control your anxiety and take control of your life.  The improvement in your health, well being, and relationships with others will improve in countless ways!  Listening to mediation music while practicing deep breathing exercises is an ideal way to learn how to control your body’s response to panic disorders and social phobias.


Just breath

When we were born we instinctively knew how to breath.  We took deep breaths that caused our bellies to fill with air.  Why some of us stopped  this form of breathing is unknown.  Try this experiment with me right now.  Place one hand on your belly.  As you breath in and out, does your belly rise much?  If not, you are taking shallow chest breaths and your diaphragm isn’t moving down.  Take a deep breath slowly through your nose, hold this breath for a count of five, and then slowly exhale through your mouth.  This is a basic example on proper breathing, for better explanations click here and here.

Under pressure

With acupressure you are using your fingers to gradually press key healing points on the body.  One of the best points to press when having an anxiety attack, is right on the breast bone an inch up from where the ribcage ends.  This has a powerful calming effect almost as quickly as pressure is applied.  For much more info click here.

Using meditation, breathing and acupressure techniques will drastically improve your control over anxiety.  It’s your life and you should enjoy it fully!

I hope you’ve found this post to be helpful, and I wish you much peace and happiness!