Benefits of Meditation – 101 Amazing Meditation Benefits

There are many benefits of meditation when it is practiced daily. It can help one to become a better person in many aspects of life. By enhancing your inner harmony and serenity, you will be able to gain control of something so authoritative that devours yourself entirely. Your true self and true potentials will be unleashed as you meditate regularly. The benefits can cover the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of your life. Here are the 101 benefits of meditation has in store for you.

101 Amazing Benefits of Meditation

benefits of meditation

1. Premenstrual Syndrome Reduction – A few benefits of meditation have helped many women to counteract anxiety and aggression during their PMS stage. Through meditation, it relaxes the woman’s body and gives clarity to the mind. The power of the mind has proven to be more dominant than the body’s reaction. Therefore, meditation can assist a woman entering this stage to have control over her body instead of being controlled by it.

2. Help Body Lose Weight
– When one focuses on their objectives through sincere meditation, the mind would think of the consequences that may happen to the body. For instance, due to anxiety and depression, many people resort to eating sweets and carbs to achieve a certain level of comfort. However, these intakes may become hazardous to the body through time. But one of the benefits of meditation is that it removes the root cause and helps you think clearly of the consequences of your actions to your body.

3. Provides A Peaceful Sleep
– Since there are a lot of things that run in our thoughts, it can be quite difficult to go to sleep right away. In fact, when you fell asleep with many unwanted or hectic thoughts, this can enter the subconscious and may be represented by it as nightmares. When you wake up the next day, it feels heavier and may make you unproductive throughout the day. However, one of the benefits of meditation is that it helps you relax your brain muscles as well as your breathing flow to encourage clarity of the mind and a good sleep.

4. Helps Blood Circulate Properly
– Stress is the dominant factor of high blood pressure and due to the demands at work, everyone can be a fallen victim of stress. Stress can lead to many heart diseases and can adversely affect your well-being. While experiencing the benefits of meditation, by focusing on your breathing method, you are helping your body properly circulate blood flow and reduce stress levels by clearing your mind.

5. Relieves Body Pain
– Just by sitting hours and hours at work in front of a computer or by doing manual work can definitely cause body pains. Many pain relievers are offered in the market however, side effects are still there. If you do frequent meditation, you allow yourself to focus on a goal rather than the pain. This will boost a level of relaxation for your muscles, another powerful one of the benefits of meditation, and helps you become more creative by removing unnecessary thoughts out of your mind.

6. Decrease the Chance of Having Chronic Diseases
– Hundreds of people die every day around the globe due to heart attack, diabetes, and other chronic diseases. More often than not, commercial medicines supplied to them are only created to treat the symptoms and can be worsen if it brought side-effects. Meditation is never a cure. However, when one meditates, a benefit they can experience is the reduction of incidences of chronic disease attacks. The body receives a sufficient amount of oxygen and makes cells healthier just by proper breathing.

7. Promotes Healthier Digestion
– Many of us may experience cramps, stomach bloating, and constipation every now and which is a result from improper digestion. Improper indigestion is due to not being mindful of what we eat, what our daily activities are, and stress. However, some benefits of meditation have proven to lessen stress levels and distribute sufficient amount of oxygen necessary for vital organs including the stomach.

8. Decelerates the Process of Aging
– People spend so much money buying anti-aging products and undergo drastic operating procedures just to keep them look young. This is visible to many celebrities and rich people who can afford expensive and extensive medications. However, many people don’t know the most effective and inexpensive method of keeping the body look young and healthy. Another one of the surprising benefits of meditation is that it allows the body to properly digest and better sleep that promotes wellness to the cells and keeping it healthy.

9. Control Addiction
– When your body craves for more liquor, smoking, and drugs, it is addiction. These addiction variations that contain harmful substances are known to harm the body through time. People resort to drinking, smoking, and taking drugs when they feel depressed of fully stressed out. Meditation can help an individual overcome addiction by acknowledging the problems and let go of them. It is a process of healing that is both beneficial mentally and physically.

10. Battle Out Headaches and Migraines
– Even though mind is being used in the process of meditation, it doesn’t exhaust your brain to result in headaches and migraines. As a matter of fact, meditation can cure these illnesses because it removes anxiety and stress for which are known to be the cause of headaches and migraines. Through meditation, an individual would be able to calm down in a quiet space of their minds with nothing to worry about. And that’s only 10 of the benefits of meditation!

11. Protection from Viruses
– Viruses can enter the body without prior notice. Especially if the body’ immune system is prone enough to welcome them. More benefits of meditation, when it is habitually practiced, is that can boost the immune system and promotes over-all well being. It will have the mind focus on the positive energy and correct the immunodeficiency syndromes.

12. Promotes Better Endocrine System
– The endocrine system along with the vital glands that composes them are responsible to keep us look young and healthy. It is also responsible for proper hormone secretion and helps battle-out infections. However, when these fail to function properly, it may result to a quicker aging process and inability to repair damaged tissues. An additional one of the many benefits of meditation is that it enhances the body to stay young, beautiful, energetic, and alert both physically and mentally.

13. Heal Faster After An Operation
– It is inevitable at times to undergo operations especially if we have to do it because of an accident or other things beyond our control. After an operation, the healing process takes too much time and prevents us to become more productive in life. However, meditation can assist an individual by encouraging the mind to help the body and strengthen the immune system to heal faster.

14. Enhance Serotonin Production
– Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that contributes to regulate proper function of the brain including mood, appetite, and sensory perception. If the production of these hormones is low, one may experience unbalanced sleeping and eating habits. Without meditation, this may lead to depression, obesity, insomnia, headaches, and so much more. Meditation upsurges the creation of serotonin inside our brains. This is one of the most powerful and healthy benefits of meditation.

15. Enhances Growth
– When you are 40 and above, the growth hormone decreases and can no longer supply the necessary human growth hormone (HGH) that the body requires. The factor that greatly contributes to the decreasing of HGH is our lifestyle. As we grow old, we are busier and become more stressed out having no time for proper diet and exercise. Several benefits of meditation are the alleviation of stress which helps an individual to become mindful of its well being.

16. Increase Life Span
– Even though life itself is unpredictable, meditation is a great tool of increasing your longevity. Unhealthy lifestyle, diseases, and aging are common factors of why people die younger today compared to past centuries. The positive effects on meditation by reducing anxiety, helps circulate oxygen throughout the body, serotonin production, and many more, helps an individual to increase longevity and their quality of life.

17. Help You Exercise
– As exercising may be time consuming, many people don’t do it anymore. From eating to traveling, everything is fast-paced which leads many to overlook exercising their body from time to time. This is very dangerous since being physically active boosts stamina and combat diseases helps to better one self. However, with regular meditation, it creates an environment for your mind and body to tolerate exercising which is beneficial for your whole well-being.

18. Natural Therapy
– The nature itself can heal what was naturally broken. Meditation would never require a prescription from your doctor. Happiness from within can cure and combat many diseases. In fact, due to becoming unhappy, the body and mind welcomes the culprit. Therefore, meditation focuses on treating the cause for an individual to be naturally healthy.

19. Helps Your Mind Unwind
– Our nervous system is very important since it’s the control room of our body. From breathing, to thinking, to digesting, everything is controlled by the nervous system. However, due to fatigue both mentally and physically, it causes negative reactions throughout the body that may result to improper functioning of other systems. Meditation is a great way to let the mind unwind and generates a complexity of responses to be in a very tranquil state.

20. Relieves Muscle Pain
– There are many activities that we do in our daily lives that may result to putting too much tension on our muscles. At home and at work, it is inevitable to encounter muscle pain and swelling since it’s being overused through a long period of time. In doing a regular meditation, muscle pains can be relieved by removing the stress that we experience. This allows the body to rest and the cells to build up once more. 20 benefits of meditation and still counting…

21. Senior’s Health Assistant
– Meditation can help the elderly maintain a healthy life and be active both physically and mentally. Seniors find it difficult to catch their breath and get tired easily. The deep breathing exercises that associates with the practice of meditation can help circulate blood and heal the lungs in the process.

22. Relaxed Body
– These days, our only assumption of relaxation is having a vacation and getting away from the busy world. However, things like that are planned and can sometimes be expensive. Little that people know that they can achieve physical relaxation anywhere and anytime they may wish to do so for no fees at all. By simply meditating, you are giving time for your body to relax and allow you to become creative and beautiful both inside and out.

23. Wise Energy Usage
– We often use more energy for every job that we do and more often than not, it is not necessary. This is because our brain tells us that we have to accomplish everything in a timely manner to meet deadlines and expectations. By forcing ourselves to accomplish everything with one go, it delivers mental tension and the body follows. Meditation will assist us to reduce these tensions by focusing on what needs to be accomplished first and clearing the mind out of unnecessary thoughts.

24. Enhance Melatonin Production
– Related to Serotonin, Melatonin is implicated in the regulation of mood, puberty, and ovarian cycles. It is also responsible in creating a peaceful sleep. But stress can reduce melatonin production which may cause imbalance to the factors previously mention. Meditation is the key to enhance melatonin production by reducing stress levels.

25. Infertility Assistance
– Infertility can bring depression to couples particularly to women. Emotions and suffering can be experience when bearing a child seemed to be almost impossible. Stress, once more, is the main contributor to infertility. Meditation relaxes a woman’s mind and helps the physical body to get ready for pregnancy.

26. Stabilize Emotions
– Many people have fallen victims of their own emotions and through emotions alone, the inability to think rationally seizes. This can happen in a lower scale or a higher scale of consequences from hating your boss to killing him.  Uncontrolled emotions are very dangerous and issues like depression, stress, trauma, or chemical change in the brain are the most common contributors. With continuous practice of meditation, it will benefit an individual to build his self-esteem and experience more happiness in life.

27. Strengthen Relationships
– A relationship between a man and a woman is definitely more than saying I love you and making love. This is dangerous especially when you limit your relationship on just that. However, another wonderful benefit of meditation is when one finds a deep internal clarity to understand and achieve the true loving and intimacy with being in a relationship. You will realize the beauty and love and become truly happy in life as one of the benefits of meditation.

28. Helps You Become More Productive
– For daily demands at work, it is normal for an individual to get tired and overstressed. As a result, one may become disorganized and uneasy about the things around him. But with meditation, it clears one’s mind of anxiety and free oneself from many needless thoughts. This benefit will help an individual to focus on what needs to be done in a certain period of time.

29. Heightened Your Happiness
– When you are happy, you look at things positively. When you are angry, you look at the things negatively. Being happy promotes a healthier body and can save one from acquiring illnesses. When you are meditating, you are finding the happiness from within. And upon achieving that happiness, it benefits you and your entire body.

30. Find The Answers
– Some people find answers to countless questions of life simply by meditating and listening to their inner voice. They free themselves of becoming judgmental about their own feelings and eventually find the answers to their questions. A scientist was able to invent a new apparatus that will help humans build space center on Mars through meditation.

31. Open Up New Perspectives
– When we are having a lot of thoughts about how to resolve a problem or a certain situations, we often got cluttered thoughts in our mind. Not to mention that we stop finding solutions if we believe that our options are limited. Life has infinite possibilities and through meditation, new perspective can arise. This can help us with our decisions as we live our lives.

32. Attract Friends
– Happiness is contagious and when you are regularly meditating, you become happy. When you are happy, many people are drawn to you since happiness is one thing that people desire. Meditation can significantly make you more sociable and fun to be with, which is a great benefit.

33. Become More Understanding
– It may be quite difficult for us to understand and become more affectionate with others especially if we are having a hard time reconciling with ourselves. Meditation gives us the clarity of mine to get to the heart of the matter and become more understanding with ourselves. By doing so, we will be able to become more affectionate with others and harmony would balance our lives with the people around us. And this benefits everyone.

34. Recover from Grief
– Losing someone you love can cause misery, sorrow, and depression. Memories can haunt you from the time you wake up until the time you sleep. Losing someone can make one feel losing hope. However, life must move on and meditation can help. Meditation help you recover by clearing your mind removing your stress and depression. At the same time, it helps you look at things in a more positive manner.

35. Emotional Maturity
– Many times that we act childish and not mindful about the things around us. This led many decisions to failures and makes situation more difficult for us to handle. Through meditation, it will help your mind be clear of your body and spirit. You will be enlightened of insights that create harmony and balance that will help you feel and make decisions better. This is one of the most noticeable benefits of meditation.

36. Organize Responsibilities
– If you can reduce or completely remove stress, fear, and unnecessary thoughts in your mind, your body will help your mind to make rational decisions and organize your responsibilities. You will be focused on doing a certain task at a time taking all of the tasks in a step-by-step manner. Meditation helps you reduce stress, fear, and brings clarity to the mind.

37. Eliminate Depression
– Although depression may not be eliminated right away, it can be controlled and little by little, removed. Meditation benefits someone who is depressed by allowing the practitioner to focus the mind in detaching negative thoughts and preventing such thoughts to arise. We relax our minds from thinking too much negativity that can be such a downer.

38. Forgiveness
– It may be hard to forgive and forget things that caused you misery and depression especially if the mark it left may last for a lifetime. However, the quote that goes ‘Live and let live’ holds true for meditation. Meditation helps an individual to learn how to forgive by developing your consideration of the things that still surrounds you. It can guide you to the path of healing.

39. Controls Blood Lactation
– When your blood lactation increase, the result is extreme anxiety which can result to paranoia. In our world today, there are many situations that can trigger this brain activity just by worrying how to pay off the bills. Meditation will help you minimize the activities in your nervous system for it to be soothing and calm. Through this benefit of meditation, you can organize your thoughts in a clearer manner and set your priorities less the anxiety.

40. Overcome Irrelevant Fights
– Many people are guilty in finding themselves in petty fights concerning irrelevant issues. Often times that we look back at it and realize that the subject isn’t actually worth the blood pressure increase, heart attack, sleeping disorders, and other physical pains for. Meditation helps the mind to be calm and carefully analyze the situation because many situations don’t have to end up in petty arguments. Who knew there were so many benefits of meditation?

41. Overcome Anxiety
– Anxiety could be very powerful and can control you from the way you think to the way you do things. A lot of people are eager to pay for medication that will help them overcome their anxiety. However, it merely calms the body temporarily and may be back once more. Anxiety is a product of becoming overstressed. Meditation will free the mind and tells it to let go of worrying.

42. Alleviate Panicking
– Every now and then, people experience panic attacks and the feeling is never pleasing. Many situations can lead into such reactions such as meeting deadlines, experiencing phobias, so on and so forth. Often times that we end up doing false decision which can hurt ourselves or the feelings of others without giving consideration. However, meditation helps you draw your breath more effectively. Taking your time to actually meditate for a moment can significantly benefit you to have an outline of things that must be done.

43. Minimize Stress
– Meditation is known to be a good method of reducing stress. What people don’t know is that there is a thing called ‘Positive Stress’. Positive stress helps the body to react to danger unlike its negative counterpart. By simply allowing your consciousness meditate, it will make the body feel relaxed and get rid of the negative stress that can be very damaging to your whole well-being.

44. Reduce Aggression
– Aggression should be taken in moderation. Aggressiveness is a defense mechanism that every one of us must possess or else we will be vulnerable. However, too much aggression can result to violence. There should be a balance between the two extremes and to find that balance is one powerful benefit of meditation.

45. Increase Your Tolerance
– As the saying goes ‘Patience is a virtue’, many people don’t find it easy to do. Relationships, jobs, family, or even with yourself are the factors that may require you to tolerate. However, the regular you meditate, the more you are able to tolerate different crisis you encounter in life every single day.

46. Makes You Appreciate Your Job
– In 10 people, only 2 people can actually say that they love their job. For many, having a job is a necessity not an enjoyment. This thought can lead many to become unhappy with their life which may result to not performing well at work. Meditation will help you understand what brought you in that job in the first place. It will enlighten you to address issues concerning about your negativity with your job.

47. Overcome Your Phobias
– Phobias are psychological disorders that can affect one’s life. Fear and anxiety may lead one to not think carefully and become paranoid. This can adversely affect you and the people around you for your irrational behavior. With meditation, it allows a person to understand the fear itself and significantly helps an individual to overcome his/her phobias.

48. Makes You Composed
– When every factor in your life such as relationships, jobs, and other things are composed, it brings harmony and balance to your living. A meditator obtains the skill to remain calm and relax through breathing and other relaxation strategies. Meditation brings an individual to a composed state of thought whenever and wherever.

49. Feel Energetic and Refreshed
– The feelings of vitality and rejuvenation comes from the cells in our body. Many people spend so much money in hopes of achieving this happiness through taking in supplements and other medications. Cells that are damaged can accumulate diseases and fast aging. However, even in ancient times, meditation helps an individual holistically to slow the process of aging and bringing in happiness that greatly helps the cells to repair itself.

50. Enhance Relationships
– Relationships is not all about you and the others. You also have a relationship to yourself. Every single person in your life contributes to your whole being and negativity and relationships can cause you to have a negative outlook in life. Meditation is a great way to understand and enhance your relationship with yourself first so you can enhance your relationship with others and live a balance life. Better yet, this is only the first 50 benefits of meditation.

51. Become Wiser
– “Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit – Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.” This holds true because knowledge is a given fact as we grow old. Meditation helps us to be wise. It helps us ‘to be knowledgeable about something’ and also have the ability to pair that knowledge with proper action and judgment.

52. Overcome ADD and ADHD
– Not only kids are experiencing ADD and ADHD, these unusual behaviors reflect on some adults too. The inappropriate release of endorphins and serotonin greatly affects the behavior which may cause to different body reactions. Meditation helps an individual overcome ADD and ADHD to remain calm and focused.

53. Overcome Diet Problems
– There’s this celebrity who drools over cakes, pizza, and pasta but upon consuming it, she vomits everything out. According to the interview, she has the fear of getting fat and her body is telling her that she has to release everything out. Many people also experience eating disorders because of being unable to overcome what their body and mind thinks. Meditation can give you freedom and the ability to tolerate foods and find happiness from moderate consumption.

54. Overcome Addition to Drugs
– People along with their consumption of supplements and other conventional medicine believe that this is the easiest way to become healthy in this busy world of today. However, too much dependency is unhealthy for the body since it is addiction that once suspended, your body will crave for it. Meditation helps an individual to overcome withdrawal syndromes both physically and mentally.

55. Helps You Balance Your Attention
– With too many things to prioritize, people may not seem to be able to balance their thoughts. For many people, the equilibrium of focusing on long term goals gets interrupted when short term issues needs to be fixed. Meditation is deemed effective to balance the mind and calms the mind to get your perspective back.

56. Refrain From Smoking Addiction
– Quitting smoking is never easy for several people who have been smoking for many years. It becomes a method to release stress and relaxation. However, smoking is never healthy and we all knew what the consequences are. Meditation can help you overcome this addiction by providing you a healthier way of dealing with stress.

57. Helps You Become More Creative
– Many composers, artists, and writers may encounter a certain ‘block’ in their thoughts and may become very irritating if they aren’t able to offer the world of something new. This may not be due to lack of ideas but it can also be due to ideas overflowing which one may find himself unable to organize anymore. When you meditate, you visualize and listen to the voice from within. You will find enlightenment to become more creative in what you do.

58. Promotes Good Listening Skills
– Because of many thoughts that run in our mind every single minute, we find it hard to focus and listen. People around you will appreciate you more if you truly listen and understand. By meditating, you can deeply enhance your listening skills.

59. Slow Down Mind Aging
– Overstressing our minds can make our brain muscles contract more and become aged even if we are still young. When the mind is overused, it weakens it and making the person unable to think orderly. It is important that we have a method of mental training to slow down mind’s aging and this can be accomplished through meditation.

60. Better the Brain’s Health
– Mental health is vital and being diagnosed of having mental health problems can be such as downer. Therapies are necessary to better the brain’s health. However, meditation helps you control mental disorders and won’t hinder your ongoing therapies.

61. Enhance Your Intelligence
– This is true since through meditation, one can remove unnecessary thoughts and focus more in attaining wisdom in life. Meditation can significantly help you with your work and studies. It enhances the intellect by clearing the mind first in order to welcome new ideas.

62. Learn Efficiently
– Learning can be difficult for many students and trainees. The flow of new ideas all at the same time can be overwhelming for many. Through meditation, one can improve her focus on the subject and removes the stress that goes along with it. This will make learning and understanding the subject more efficiently.

63. Overcome Bipolarity
– Being bipolar is more than having a mood swing. Since experiencing such can be extreme on both ends. It is hard to live a regular life when this is taking place. Meditation can provide a sense of equilibrium in both happy and sad emotions to level the mood properly.

64. Helps You Concentrate
– Many people suffers from having trouble concentrating. Sometimes, when you attend a class or a seminar, you’ll go home and haven’t been able to absorb anything. Meditation can train the mind to maintain its focus and not stroll on several thoughts.

65. Strengthen Your Willpower
– Optimism cannot exist without pessimism. However, too much pessimism is not healthy either. Meditation can help you become one with your inner self so together, you can accomplish the goal. You will have the determination you need when you strengthen your willpower.

66. Be Better In Sports
– Training your body for a game or sports is only one thing. However, having your mind to be with your body while training is way better. By meditation, you are trying to reach a higher level of consciousness that will make you more effective in playing your sport. You will appreciate happiness when you put your body and mind into it.

67. Enhance Your Memory
– Children are much better in learning a new language than adults. As we grow old, our memories become dull. Our brain capacity begins to fade in storing information. Meditation eliminates stress and other needless thoughts in our mind. As result, it significantly enhances our memory.

68. Boost Motivation
– It is hard to live your life when you are not motivated. Sometimes, when we lose our inspiration, we don’t want to function anymore. Meditation is not only about removing stress. It can focus your mind to welcome new goals for your life and remove negativity that surrounds you.

69. Enhance Your Judgment
– Decision making is one thing that no one can escape. We have to decide on things from the simplest to the most complex form. However, due to much negativity that runs in our mind, it is difficult to arrive in a better judgment. But meditation enhances your judgment on things by finding your inner self and gets rid of the negativity in mind.

70. Outline Your Thoughts
– To be effective in the things you do, you have to outline your priorities and set your goals. If you have too many clutters in your head, it would be difficult to pattern your thoughts. Meditation helps an individual to control their thoughts by clearing the mind to be able to outline his/her thoughts.

71. Overcome OCD
– OCD or Obsessive-Compulsive disorder is a result of anxiety. Although there are many drugs that can minimize OCD, it doesn’t treat the root cause. By meditation, it allows the individual to have a quiet and peaceful mind free of anxiety and leads him/her to the path of healing. Many doctors suggest meditation to treat OCD.

72. Be Better in Problem Solving
– We all know that complex problems are the most difficult to solve. Many situations and problems that are too devastating and we may find ourselves being devoured by fear. When there is fear, there is no more rationality. Meditation helps us focus on the root of the problem and can enlighten us with the solutions.

73. Enhance Your Senses
– Our senses are very important but often neglected from time to time. When they have not been given proper attention to their functions, you won’t be able to focus on what you need to concentrate on. In doing a regular meditation, your perception is enhanced and you become more tuned to the emotions of the people around you.

74. Eliminate Bad Habits
– A bad habit can be damaging both in our physical health and emotional health. Many of us have a bad habit or two that we wish to eliminate in our lives. However, it isn’t as easy as what it sounds like. When we meditate, we are helping our minds to not think about the bad habits and the desire of doing it. It creates a higher level of self-awareness and self-importance.

75. Enhance Concentration and Focus
– Short attention span is experienced by children and adult alike. This is because of being unable to control the brain’s concentration that may lead to problems with our self and with other people. Meditation gives an individual the sense of silence and stillness. It brings peace within the mind in order to focus on the things that lie directly before you.

76. Enhance Your Spirituality
– The good effects of meditation benefits our own spirituality. A quieter mind and becoming at peace with your self helps you become relaxed and stress free. It opens a path of checking and remembering the most important aspect of your existence: Your soul.

77. Find The Meaning In Your Life
– We want to do a lot of things in our life and it is not easy to find what your true purpose in life is. Drastic measures are done just to be able to piece the puzzle and still find their selves unhappy with answers given by other people. This is because the true answer will never come from anyone else. Through meditation, you’ll be able to listen to the voice with you and be enlightened of what your real purpose in life is.

78. Grow in Love
– Meditation can help you upsurge your capacity for love by eliminating the stress and worry inside your mind. It allows you to headway in the consciousness of love and makes you become more aware of its deeper definition. You will learn to understand and forgive which is one of the most important factors in maintaining relationships.

79. Perceive the Bigger Picture
– When we experience difficulties in life even in its smallest scale, we tend to lose hope and our vision is clouded to see the true reality. Getting into fights, termination of the job and many other experiences can make us look in life negatively. We then fail to see the bigger picture of why these occurrences prevail. Meditation is a great method of clearing your mind to be able to see the bigger picture and treat the root problem.

80. Achieve Enlightenment
– In meditation, one can experience to reach enlightenment. The Buddha found enlightenment and understood the truth of many things. When you are enlightened, you will discover the truth in life and have a positive outlook on it.

81. Increase Your Consciousness Level
– To be conscious is to be aware of your knowledge and wisdom. Through meditation, you will be able to make a deep sense of awareness by listening to your inner self and eliminate stress that makes the mind unable to focus. You will begin to have full understanding of the things you take for granted and appreciate them better.

82. Encourages Self-Acceptance
– If you don’t like yourself, you separate from your own spirituality. You will not like the way you live nor be able to effectively love someone else if you can’t start from yourself. Meditation is a method of creating self-love and self-acceptance. Only then you can find true happiness.

83. Feel Closer to God
– No matter who your God is or your religious upbringing is, meditation helps you feel much closer to your God. Because your spirituality would be connected to an inner voice that speaks directly to divinity. Meditation creates an environment that is favorable for deep spiritual journey to find the truths in life.

84. Improve Your Holistic Insight – Perception is important in life and meditation helps an individual to come in sync with their surroundings through heightened level of awareness with their breath, ideas, and emotions.  You will experience clarity of the mind and eliminates the shallow reasoning of the world these days. You will invite positivity in your life that can change the way you view life itself.

85. Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Harmony
– Meditation is a great method of bringing your body, mind, and spirit together. When you have deeper self-awareness of your spirituality, you will be able to control your mind. When your mind is thinking properly, your body will follow. Everything has a domino effect to it and meditation can bridge the gap between them.

86. Achieve Peace Of Mind
– Nothing can be compared to the happiness brought by having not to worry about anything at all. Meditation can bring to an individual peace of mind so you can focus at the moment. It eliminates the inner noise that can make you worry and fear for many situations.

87. Synchronize Your Life
– When your mind says Yes, your body says no. When your mind says No, your body says yes. Then it leads to too many problems. However, when your body and mind flow harmoniously, the result is happiness. Meditation assists an individual to make the money and mind always in sync with each other.

88. Develop Further Intuition
– We often go by what we know and what we can perceive. The tendency is that, we limit ourselves for many possibilities that this life has to offer. Through meditation, you develop your intuition further to help you understand yourself and life better.

89. Learn To Forgive
– Many people find it hard to forgive. However, no matter how small or big the damages were, it is you who will suffer more and not the person at fault. This is because you keep within you the pain and the hurt of such trauma. Forgiveness is way of finding true happiness within yourself and meditation can help you achieve just that.

90. Purification of Oneself
– Acknowledging one’s flaws is the first step to self-purification. When you know what to eliminate and correct in your life, you are venturing in a deeper self-awareness in your existence. However, this doesn’t sound as easy as just quitting a bad habit. Meditation can help an individual to purify oneself for a very long time and allows one to enjoy the happiness of living.

91. Achieve Peace from within
– Finding peace within yourself is never easy because of several thoughts that continuously run inside your head. Meditation is a powerful way to obtain inner peace because it will let you train your mind to a silent and peaceful relaxation that your self needs. You will be able to focus on the present and when your present is perfect, there would be a better future.

92. Achieve Self-Actualization
– For many, self-actualization is impossible to achieve. All life stories are different and as unique as your finger print. In meditation, one tends to look into the inner self and understand what lies within. You will be able to find your self-worth and purpose if you successfully achieved self-actualization.

93. Achieve Cosmic Awareness
– Being one with the universe can significantly help you acknowledge your very existence. It is the greatest sense of connection and relationship that a human can achieve. In meditation, one can find spiritual illumination from the cosmic power.

94. Appreciate the Present
– When we’re sitting in our cars driving on our way to our destination, we often catch our thoughts already reached the destination. When we wake up in the morning, our minds are already focused on what we are going to do at work and other daily tasks. We never appreciate the ‘here and now’ which may cause us to overlook things. Meditation helps the person with the clarity of the mind so he/she can focus on the present, not the future nor the past.

95. “Everything Is Going To Be Alright” Attitude
– This phrase can be achievable in all aspects in life. When a person views life in a more positive way, all will be well. Meditation can help you feel just that. Good vibes attracts positivity in the world and you will definitely become a recipient of such.

96. Control Your Dreams
– For some people, lucid dreaming is a talent. However, for many people, lucid dreaming is almost impossible. The rationale is simple. This is being unable to control your thoughts and suppressing your subconscious. Many times that we are being haunted through our sleep by nightmares which is a result of the facts that we cannot accept. Meditation helps you acknowledge it and release them when you are ready.

97. Hear The Voice From Within
– Before you listen to someone else, it is important that you first listen to yourself. We are making many decisions in this life and it would be great if we are making the right decisions every time. When you regularly meditate, you are helping your mind to expand your consciousness to be able to hear the voice from within you. Once successful, you interaction with others will become more effective.

98. Achieve Spiritual Relaxation
– We need to relax, not only our mind and body, but our spirituality as well. When you relax your spirit, you are connecting to your inner soul and deviating from the world for a moment. You are reconciling with what once was lost and heals every wound that lies within. Meditation can help you achieve the spiritual relaxation you need.

99. Change Your Attitude
– Many people do not welcome the idea of changing their attitudes toward other people. Pride can devour your entire personality if you don’t change your attitude for the better. If you don’t find the courage to do so, then you can meditate so you can little by little, renew yourself.

100. Unleash Your True Self
– All people are born good. However, many factors in our lives as well as the influence made by other people make us become warped into a different person. Many people tried to be someone they are not because it’s what they see on TV and other people. This is not recommended because you are suppressing the real you by trying to become someone you are not. Meditation will help you acknowledge yourself and understand what you truly are so you can live harmoniously with your entirety in this lifetime.

101. Meditation Helps Your Overall Wellbeing
– When you meditate and become more aware of yourself and you will be nurturing the 3 most important factors of your life:  Spiritual, Mental, and Physical. This will solve problems, reduce stress, and helps you become a better person.

Did You Know There Were So Many Benefits of Meditation?

It is amazing that meditation alone can do all of these 101 benefits that can truly change one’s life for the better. Your transformation through meditation can be a great influence to others to do the same. We all can go back to the way we were before: Living a healthy lifestyle in a peaceful and quiet community with strong relationships with the people around us and closer to the divine creator.

Benefits of Meditation Summarized

The power of meditation and its effects have triggered many scientific interests throughout the ages. There is a divine intervention that links humans to the entire universe. We must awaken our self-awareness and accept the truth that there is more to life than we perceived. Overall, there are so many benefits of meditation that we couldn’t even list them all.

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