8 Minute Meditation Music 100% Free Download

This 8 Minute Meditation track is a great meditation technique to help you relax and clear your mind in 8 minutes. This meditation audio track was created by us, and has no association with the 8 minute meditation product.

How To Use 8 Minute Meditation

8 Minute MeditationAs you listen to the free meditation audio track provided for this meditation, you’ll notice the descending tones in the beginning. This is the time when you will do what we’ll call the ‘quick relaxation breathing’ technique.

As you listen to the descending tones, take a deep breath, inhaling all the way. Once your lungs are completely full, hold your breath for roughly 4-5 seconds, then slowly exhale. Slowly exhale all of the air out of your lungs. Once your lungs are empty, hold your breath again for approximately 4-5 seconds before inhaling.

After 4-5 seconds, begin with your second breath, breathing the same way as previously described. **You may only end up taking 6-7 very deep breaths during the first minute, but this is necessary to completely relax and calm the body and mind.**

8 Minute Meditation Breathing

To this breathing technique until the tones are no longer descending, and are one continuous tone. The audio track has descending tones for the first minute, to help you do the quick relaxation breathing technique. After 1 minute, the tones are monotonous. Once the tones are leveled, this is when you can do regular transcendental meditation breathing. Inhaling slowly through the nose, and exhaling throughout the mouth.

8 Minute Meditation Download

This meditation will help you quickly relax in 1 minute using the ‘quick relaxation breathing technique. Then meditate for the last 7 minutes, relieving stress and tension in the body, and clearing the mind. 8 Minute Meditation is a great track for people who want to meditate fast without any hassle.


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