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Free Meditation Music is a great resource of quality meditation instruction and free meditation music available to everyone online.

If you are a beginner at meditation, you may want to browse through the first few pages to grasp an thorough understanding of meditation.

What is Meditation? introduces meditation to a beginner, and explains the history and idea of meditation.

How To Meditate will walk you through the basics of how to meditate. You will learn about the importance of breathing and posture and much more.

Benefits of Meditation covers the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of meditation. Have you ever wondered what makes meditation so popular? After learning about every benefit of meditation, you’ll understand why.

Free Meditation Music Tracks

For the more advanced meditation practitioners, we have plenty of free meditation music tracks to help you attain new, higher states of awareness.

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Here’s your download links. Please do not sell these or share them on your site. They are for your personal use only. If you want to share them with someone else, please refer them to this website. I hope you enjoy these tracks, I created them myself and meditate to them often. Enjoy!


Our site covers a large variety of meditation techniques. Each meditation technique is unique, and induces a special altered state of consciousness. With each meditation you find on this site, you’ll experience different effects and benefits. Every meditation is written to be clearly understood by both beginners and advanced meditation practitioners.

Free Meditation Music Audio

free meditation musicBrowse through our music section, and you will find several meditation techniques that produce a variety of profound experiences. We provide users with a instruction for a specific meditation, and a custom meditation track to go along with it. All meditation audio tracks are free to download for personal use only. They cannot be sold for profit in any shape or form.

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To get started downloading your free meditation music mp3 visit the 8 Minute Meditation page.

Some of the different free meditations include:

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